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UWS We the people of all nations.wmv

vor 8 Jahren

"We the People of All Nations" only need 5 things. Clean air, clean water, healthy food, self sufficient neighborhoods, and LOVE. We must love ourselves enough to stop being manipulated. We must love our children enough to protect their futures and the future of our planet. We must recognize that we can grant ourselves these 5 things, all of which have been tainted, taxed, and usurped by those we allow to control us.It is time to set aside our differences and rise to the occasion of saving ourselves, our children, our future, and most importantly our planet. War is not the answer, nor is obedience to those who profit from our poverty and misery. It is time to recognize that the lie of inequality is just that....a lie. We are ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE, and there is enough for all.
Educate yourselves. Prepare yourselves. Join us as we grow and connect globally in order to succeed in a massive movement of peaceful non-compliance. We are asking all people of the world to stand with us, for 3 consecutive days, April 15 -17, and simply stay home within your neighborhoods and communities. NO participation in ANY CORPORATE ACTIVITIES WHATSOEVER. Prepare to be off the grid as much as possible. Buy food, water, survival supplies, seeds, solar panels, diesel, gas, candles....whatever you need. Our ancestor's knew how to live off the land, to be self sufficient. We've been stripped of that knowledge in order to make us slaves to the system.
Imagine the power we truly do have. Imagine reclaiming your life and your future. Imagine changing the rules and changing the game. We outnumber them.
We can use this time to demand accountability. We can use this time to demand peace and immediately cancel out all banking debt and schemes. We can declare individual sovereignty, state sovereignty, and national sovereignty. We can recreate our world and our future by simply withdrawing our energy from systems that enslave us, and putting it into systems that sustain us.
Join us. Be part of the movement. January 15, 2011, we will debut United We Strike Radio, a place for Global Patriots to connect, meet, educate, and plan the solutions we need for our future, locally, and globally. Now is the time to get ready to rock the world.
You are not alone.