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Für alle, die aufwachen wollen!


vor 9 Jahren

GLOBAL PARTICIPATION SEPTEMBER 15 on courtesy of Ray Powell and Bob Tuskin from

6:00 (pacific time) Detlev from will conduct ongoing interviews in both English and German, so we can all keep up! His guests include:

Karin Kolland of Austria
Werner Altnickel, Germany on chemtrails, HAARP

Urs Hans, Swiss bio-farmer
subjects: vaccinations for animals, humans and food from farmers

9:30 Jane from hosts Charlie Farrier from
Those cameras in the UK are also scheduled to be put here....
Steve Jolly from will also be joining us, as well as Rick Margetts
11:00 Bob Tuskin of will interview Rama from

12:00 Michael Badnarik from
What are Rights and Privileges? What Rights do we have?

1:30 Adrian Salbuchi from,
Interviewed by Hal Anthony from Behind the Woodshed &

2:30 Joyce Reilly from &

3:30 Cindy Sheehan from &

4:00 Karen Tostado from talks with UWS members about how UWS is not like other organizations and takes calls

5:00 Sam Ettaro from & will speak about the G-20 in Pittsburgh and the martial law that was declared there in order to protect bankers

6:00 Dr. Marilyn Joyce from will shed light on health issues

7:00 Schaeffer Cox Do you know about the Liberty Bell Program? Do you want to know how he set up Common Law Courts and the militia?
Interviewed by Ray Powell and Charles Erwin
8:00 Charles Erwin from with Matt and Rebecca about our legal system vaccines, and how to look for truth.

Thanks to all of our supporters for your great help in irder to build this movement stronger than anything else. There are 6 billion people out there who do have all the same problems and issues as we!

Join us in this great, peaceful movement!


music by Karen, video by Detlev