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The problem with art that only offers answers | Isadora Pires Egler | TEDxUWCRCN

vor 2 Jahren

Isadora, a published poet and an artist questions how art is becoming less individualistic and more driven by consumerism. There is a threat posed in art which answers questions rather than asks them but are artists losing their artistic drive and making art for others? This talk will open your mind to the importance of rediscovering how we look at art

Isadora Egler is a Brazilian writer who published her first book of poems in 2015. At home, Isadora grew up surrounded by a very artistic environment and ever since she was kid, she has always been a girl with a particular interest for passing notes, writing diaries and devoting her time to invented songs. Believing deeply in the power of art that questions cultural conventions, Isadora will talk about the importance of rediscovering how we look at the art that only tries to attain excellence and how to break the cycle of consuming a culture that focus much more on artists who have the urge to be heard louder than the urge to actually say something. Her poetry advocates for a world that hides itself in very individual details that require attention, rather than in artifacts that are simply curious repeated products: colorful, tempting, chocolate and sugar.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at