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The Happy Generation can only be a dreaming generation | Semih Yalman | TEDxULB

vor 2 Jahren

You are what you dream of. We can use our imagination and dreaming abilities in order to be happy and fulfilled in life. This dreaming capacity can be learned...

A vibrant resonance who is in the search of nothingness… A student of life to serve the universe as a decoding processor.
On one side leading a life in which he aspires to make the world dream again via DreamsTalk a social inclusion corporation he founded aiming to improve the imagination capacity and quality of humanity; on the other side university professor who aspires to touch many young souls; Semih chooses to poke people with his inner expression in the form of talks, books, music, poetry, philosophy, visual arts as well as namaz and yoga flow.
Excitement, aesthetics, relevance being his core values Semih aims to contribute via discovery, expression, perception and coexistence. He defines his core as love.
Having worked in multinationals and large conglomerates Semih Yalman chose to journey into his own.
His education in literature, philosophy, communication and business provided him with the right mix of basic starting content to exploit further in life.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at