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The Future Is Now | Aslı Sara Bilgili | TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS

vor 2 Jahren

This talk looks at how Turing's Enigma machine changed 20th century and evolved into the principles of AI. Today, because of this initial understanding, we can test if other computers are eligible to be considered as an AI and we can produce machines which analyze datas and games. We can make little copies of a brain. When Turing was alive, there were many economic and man-made obstacles. Today, people fear what they do not understand. Even if we cannot understand the whole picture and even if some designs seem utopic, they are not impossible.

Aslı loves reading and writing. When she was 10, she published a book called Tomato Diary which included little funny stories. Recently, she has been writing mostly poems. It is a way for her to express herself but not for the sake of other people to understand but for the sake of her to define what she is. She has been a MUN delegate for two years and currently is the second vice president of the club. She loves biology because it tells us where we originated from or at least looks for it with pure science and logic. She takes online classes on biological topics. She takes a special interest in quantum physics and likes analyzing physical equations. She likes long walks, coffee, Italian food and reading about philosophy, religion, psychology and economics. Schopenhauer is her mentor because of his world view and thoughts on willpower. She strongly defends the rights of different sexual orientations and different ethnicities as equality is their most basic right;She is open to diversity and is a humanist, environmentalist, feminist, equalitarian and nihilist.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at