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Highlighting the privilege we often forget | Debra Lam | TEDxNUS

vor 2 Jahren

Thinking back, Debra realised she had privilege in every step of the way throughout her life. But the narrative is different for so many people with disabilities (PWDs) out there. Some don’t even know what a dream is or even dare to dream about possibilities and the future, because they are so busy fighting daily struggles, discrimination and searching for their next source of bread and butter.

Debra dreams of the day where the word inclusion is not used anymore, because that’s when Singapore and the world is so inclusive that is has become second nature to us and we don’t need to teach or remind people to be inclusive anymore.

Debra is the co-founder of Society Staples, a social enterprise advocating for an inclusive future for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Through team building workshops, school programs and community events, they create conversations and shift people’s perspectives about PWDs and provide avenues for organisations to be more inclusive.

From a young age, she witnessed the struggles, discrimination and inequalities her two brothers with autism faced. That set her off on a life-changing journey, combining her passion for sports with a cause she is deeply connected to.

She was featured in Her World Singapore’s 55th anniversary edition as one of the 55 female millennials to watch and her enterprise has also won the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year 2015 and the ASEAN-China Start-up Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 among many other awards.

Debra is also pursuing a degree in Psychology and Sociology at Singapore University of Social Sciences.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at