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Give me a lever long enough... | Alan Hutchison & Christopher Hutchison | TEDxSofia

vor 2 Jahren

A father and son team share their proposal that if we have the opportunity to turn adversity on its head, and leverage what we’ve learned to create positive change, we should do it … and together move the World! Having entered the World of prosthetics through their own adversity they describe the company ProsFit they created as result in 2013. Combining and leveraging their respective knowledge and experience they are now advancing towards their vision of “A World where innovation provides limb wearers a choice of affordable, reliable and desirable prosthetic products and services”.

Alan Hutchison graduated from Oxford University in 1981 with an engineering degree, and has an MBA from IMD in Switzerland.
A seasoned business development professional, Alan has experience in several sectors including industrial goods, medical and pharma products, consumer products and financial services. He has lived in Europe and Asia, and worked in the Americas.
The Hutchison family relocated from Switzerland to Bulgaria in 2012, where they founded ProsFit with the vision of “A World where innovation provides limb wearers a choice of affordable, reliable and desirable prosthetic products and services”, and a Mission to “Leverage knowledge and technology to enable confident mobility”.
Alan is also in the board of Europe Unlimited that facilitates investment in world-class entrepreneurs and their companies through events and online matching platforms across borders, regions, sectors and stages

Christopher Hutchison is the architect of ProsFit’s technology and business solutions. Following undergraduate studies in the UK, he completed a ‘CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting’, ‘CAIA Level I’ in Alternative Investments, and ‘EFQM Basic Assessor Training’ in Quality Management. Over 2012-13 he achieved a Harvard Business School-affiliated ‘Graduate Certificate from the Centre for Economic Strategy and Competitiveness’, accredited by Sofia University.
In 2009 Christopher had an accident which led to amputations of both legs. As a result he has intensive experience of prosthetic fitting, especially in relation to sockets, allowing ProsFit to deliver “user generated innovation”
Prior to founding ProsFit, Christopher also built valuable experience in private equity, financial analysis and business development consulting.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at