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Et si on cultivait nos vies comme on cultive nos agrumes ? | Christophe Cabanne | TEDxIESEGLille

vor 2 Jahren

Christophe Cabanne s'est passionné, depuis une dizaine d'années, pour le développement des individus et pour la mise en mouvement des organisations. Aujourd'hui, comme coach, il accompagne managers et dirigeants pour les amener à mieux devenir acteur de leur environnement. Il partage sa vie entre ses clients, sa famille, sa pratique du Sonmudo (un art-martial coréen) et sa passion : cultiver les agrumes. Cette dernière lui a beaucoup appris sur la nature et notamment sur la nature humaine. Et si les agrumes étaient en réalité une clef pour l'Homme pour vivre de manière plus heureuse plus épanouie, de manière harmonieuse ? Un talk qui va vous donner la pêche !

In 2009 Christophe founded Humanis Step, a coaching and consulting company.
By helping managers and teams to develop their behaviors, Christophe contributes to the creation of more open, serene and lively contexts where performance can be achieved with both agility and well-being. Based in Toulouse, Christophe shares his time between his clients, his family, his practice of Sonmudo (Korean zen martial art) and his passion: growing citrus trees!
By cultivating these trees (lemon, orange, mandarine, lime, yuzu…), he learned everything to keep plants healthy including how to feed, how to prune and how to pot them on. This passion also offered Christophe another way to learn about nature including human nature!
What if these brightly coloured and vitamin-packed fruits were the key to a path towards a happier and more harmonious life!
What if a citrus pit-stop were enough to get us all moving towards a tomorrow filled with simplicity and self-awareness.. a zest of a happier horizon!

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at