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"Demystifying Human Change: Transformation Made Easy for Everyone" | Agnis Stibe | TEDxAUP

vor 1 Monat

The majority of global problems directly stem from and are driven by poor human attitude and behavior. Often people look for and find reasons outside of themselves for why we have such environmental issues and cultural segregation. They tend to see changes or transformations, be they personal or larger ones, as something difficult, impossible, and mystical, and thus as something to avoid. Such attitude naturally leads to poorer behaviors and consequently nothing significant can be achieved. In his talk, Agnis Stibe demystifies human change and reveal the secrets of transformation, thus making it easy for everyone to change and apply it globally.
Prof. Agnis Stibe is a Global Thought Leader on Science-Driven Transformation and founder of TRANSFORMS.ME. His work on Business Transformation and Transforming Wellbeing Theory blends technological innovations with demystified human nature to empower transformations at global scale. His Transforming Framework has travelled 5 continents and facilitated countless positive changes. He has received awards from prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and Nokia Foundation (Finland). He proudly serves on several advisory boards, including Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing (Australia) and ETH Library Lab (Switzerland). His TEDx talks continue gaining global popularity. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at