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Jonette Crowley at Great Pyramid, Egypt on Dez 21, 2010

vor 8 Jahren

Jonette Crowley author of "The Eagle and the Condor" with her Spirit Guides from the White Brotherhood: White Eagle and Mark, take you on a 11-day sacred journey to Egypt.

In addition to the Egyptian wisdom and history the focus will be on discovering the secrets from BEFORE the Egyptians.  It will be an interactive and advanced spiritual journey connecting us with the star realms and our own soul's galactic mission.  Through the channeled wisdom of the spirit guides and the power of the sacred spaces themselves we hope to uncover the multidimensional depths of our own existence.  There will be a private time in the Great Pyramid at dawn on the winter solstice - December 21st. 

Jonette's guides believe that this time - December 2010 in Egypt - is important in the release of human restrictions and the genesis of the New Human on the New Earth.  This December Solstice is also a full lunar eclipse - an event that happens only every 13,000 years.  It marks a passing of a root race out of the Earth system. 

It has been channeled that "Good times are to come when the moon is in full eclipse over the arctic (which happens on December 21, 2010) and the difficult ride will slow for all humanity.  It will be a great time of healing and prevailing strength for the ones who so desire."  It is also a time when the Sun and Mercury will line up with the Galactic Center.

This journey will be about remembering and manifesting our mastery now, as we prepare for the 2012 shift.