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Lode Cossaer "Analytical Anarchism" @ ESFL regional conference Cologne

vor 4 Jahren

Lode Cossaer about Analytical Anarchism

Die Sons of Libertas zu Gast auf der European Students for Liberty regional Konferenz in Köln.

Lode Cossaer is first and foremost the philosophical type. In high school he started reading into political philosophy and decided that the liberal tradition had the most compelling arguments. At the University of Antwerp, where he studied philosophy, he became a board member of the Antwerp division of the Flemish Classical Liberal Students Association (LVSV). He served on the board for three years, including one with a double mandate as Political Secretary at the national level. During these years he transformed from a Rawls/Friedman hybrid to a natural law based, spontaneous order anarchist (however, he still prefers the term ‘Classical Liberal’). Over the years, he has attended many seminars from the IHS, FEE, the Mises Institute and IES. He currently also serves as Academic Director at the Belgian Murray Rothbard Institute. He is mainly responsible for their program of Dutch seminars. He is doing a one year pre-doctoral program at KU Leuven, specializing in ethics and political philosophy. His dissertation is on Cohen’s critique of Robert Nozick.

Lode’s passion lies in both academics and activism. His ideal career is to be able to combine a professorship with active membership of a think tank such as the IHS, FEE, Cato or the Mises Institute. Feel free to contact him if you are in need of reading recommendations or need help with a liberty-related paper in any way.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Murray Rothbard, Frank van Dun, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Anthony De Jasay, and Robert Nozick

On European Students For Liberty: “After just one year of European Students For Liberty, the prospects of a strong, European movement for liberty on the student level seems strong. Hopefully, we can make it even better by the end of this term. I invite everyone liberty minded to join us and ask for our help. We have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win!”