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vor 4 Jahren

Author and former Libertarian nominee for Vice President of the United States Wayne Allyn Root joins us to talk about Donald Trump's run for the White House, Hillary Clinton's crimes and the unstoppable economic collapse.

On Donald Trump: "I'm telling you he's going to win the Presidency because he's relentless, he's courageous, he doesn't care if you like him, he doesn't care if he offends you.... and he tells you what he thinks.... and I'm telling you this is the right guy."

On Hillary Clinton: "She's such a criminal. She's a relentless criminal, the Clinton's are relentless criminals. And you've just seen the tip of the iceberg... she will NEVER win the nomination. It will all fall apart when people find out that A.) She's a criminal. B.) She's a fraud. C.) She's in scandal after scandal, she sold out the country, she's guilty of TREASON."

On Federal Reserve money printing and economic collapse: "This is a disaster, it's all a fake, it's all a mirage, it's all going to implode, I don't know when, no one does, could be tomorrow, could be five years from now but in the end it's going to implode and it's going to be bad."

Plus Wayne's thoughts on immigration, the "impossible" to build wall on the US-Mexico border, gold, dangerous vaccines and much more - thanks for tuning in.

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