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vor 4 Jahren

Harley Schlanger, historian and national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins us to discuss the total rejection of Barack Obama, his globalist policies and his Bankster inspired agenda.

"He has given us so many reasons for impeachment, but you have to pick at the most important ones." says Schlanger, "Under the war powers act Obama should have gone to the Congress about three weeks ago on the question of the troops we sent into Iraq. He not only didn't do it, bur he says he doesn't have to... He says he doesn't need the Congressional approval, which is a direct assault on the Constitution."

We also discuss the Bank of International Settlements which is rolling out new BIS Bail-In Bonds designed to rip off the pension funds during the next financial crisis. And in the middle of all of this Western banking criminality, we see the BRICS ditching the Petrodollar, forgiving debt, spurring real economic global development and forging healthy international economic alliances. It's no wonder Newsweek calls Putin "The Pariah".

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