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Gold, China, Trump & The Jewish Crime Syndicate -- Jeff Nielson

vor 4 Jahren

Jeff Nielson from Bullion Bulls Canada drops by to set the record straight about China's gold hoard which now "officially" stands at a mere 1,658 metric tons. Many precious metals pundits have concluded that China could have many more tons than it reported in July. Jeff says, "China could have 4,000 tons of gold RIGHT NOW and not have done anything at all the least bit fraudulent or dishonest (with its "official" reporting of 1,658 tons) BECAUSE all of the gold it adds from its DOMESTIC SOURCES NEVER has to be reported!"

Jeff also discusses the proof that the 'Fiver-year low for gold" is a fraud -- when measured in nearly all currencies other than the Dollar. We also discuss the 2016 elections and the role Donald Trump is playing as rabble-rouser. Is he for real, or does his cozy family relationship with powerful Jewish interests offer a fuller picture of a Trump presidency? Jeff calls out what he has dubbed the "Jewish crime syndicate" and its influence on American politics, Donald Trump and anyone who sits in the White House. Thanks for tuning in.

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