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The Earth is flat ...

Time does not exist - illusory time [cyclic movement] - reality creation, flat earth holograms

vor 3 Jahren

Topics included:

Time is an illusion ; Misinterpretation of time ; time is individual ; time is cyclic ; 3D in comparison to higher dimensional perception of time ; reality creation ; human "natural" conditioning ; time is relative ; time is dynamic ; illusory time applied to flat earth - briefly - ; holographic reality / universe ; holographic flat earth ; individual flat earth / unified flat earth hologram-construct ; ego mind ; ego mind control ; time in dreams ; individual reality creation ; higher dimensional perception ; timelines ; reality co-creation - zero point moment ;

Today time is dissected and it is explained how it works when you factor out human conditioning and natural programming for this being an inherent aspect of the currently perceived human third density environment.

TO keep it short, this time, we could just cite some key points that are made:

- time is individually perceived
- time is cyclic
- any amount of time can be compressed - feeling wise .. which is what counts ultimately - into one daily cycle, the alleged 24-hour movement of the sun

- humans are naturally endowed with the tendency, affection or propensity to time ... this is one general challenge to overcome in order to transcend the third dimensional consciousness and perception such as understanding of self

- every one of you experiences the flow of time and thus length of day in a different fashion and it varies every "day"

- when you really go into it, ready to bend and especially extrapolate your mind, then you would have to almost agree that there truly have to be as many - individual - flat earths as there are perceivers thereof, since every one, factually, creates the own reality independently - more or less depending on potentially still remnant or existing 3D mind control patterns or programs.

So some pretty deep elaborations and concepts are shared in this one, regarding time, the dynamic and changing perception thereof and how time can be worked with from a higher dimensional perspective or dimension is visually elaborated on by using this absolutely profound gift they sneaked into this epic interstellar movie, which almost had to be that way due to the deep brainwashing that is literally "perpetrated" by overexciting this farcical gravity nonsense throughout the whole movie (besides all the other BS included that perpetuates this NASA/universe and space craft hogwash - does not change the fact that this movie is epic.

SO it is a visualization they utilized or realized for the movie that comes near to how you could at least rudimentarily conceive such an environment wherefrom you actively interfere with lower dimensional timelines, entities, energies and what have you. most of it is hard to describe in the first place since the human mind lacks many concepts - for the most part - and visual frames of reference. it is challenging to convey or present this in an easy to grasp way, but with ongoing awakening and assimilation of Self and associated gain in higher dimensional awareness it is getting easier to decode higher dimensional frequencies and energies.

It also follows that your frequency rises and it makes it much easier to initiate inner changes and adaptions, such as to make important pioneering decisions and the like. The aforementioned points are quite prominent experiences that awakening humans increasingly have and this is exponentially augmenting and though it depends on your own decisions and frequencies you emit - and thus magnetize and manifest - if you are going to witness "Armageddon" or if you are going to be more or less unaffected, maneuvering through the upcoming challenges and drastic events that are ahead. every one herein is the captain of the personal ship, you and your expectations and beliefs are fundamentally determining which timeline you log into or direction you are heading with this actual lifetime. but do never be afraid, you have chosen wisely, whatever you are going through, you wished for it and it is the best for your own soul in this very stage of your spiritual soul growth :)