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Reicher & Stark Reicher & Stark

Mysterien ✩ Mindfuck ✩ Magie – Folgt uns in die Zwischenwelt!

Fairies, UFOs & Magic: Susan Demeter St Clair on Benandanti, Witches, and Contacting the Otherworld

vor 5 Monaten

Mysteries ✩ Mindfuck ✩ Magic – follow us to the world between worlds!

Susan Demeter St Clair investigates UFOs, strange phenomena and all things paranormal. She likes to smush together pagan believes, chaos magick and creative work to bring forth experiences with the otherworld. Having recently moved to northern Italy, Susan joins us on a conversation about tricksters, gifts from the land, the folk magic heritage of central Europe, the Fairie Folk, and the Benandanti – some very interesting pagan shapeshifters.

0:00 Intro and Susan’s lifelong interest in UFOs and the paranormal
4:19 Ways to provoke and invoke these phenomena
12:13 The co-creation hypothesis and the trickster: UFOs over Knittelfeld
18:19 Otherworldly vibes: the Baciu forest, Canadian woods, Celtic magic
22:14 Susans gift from the land at an Etruscan necropolis
24:29 Pagan rituals, folk magic and Christian appropriation
31:59 The Benandanti and shapeshifting into animals
42:24 Susan Demeter St Clair, witch (and chaos magician)
45:57 The connection of the Fae Folk with UFOs, the paranormal, subterranean tunnel systems, and chtonic cults
58:47 Modern takes on witchcraft, folk magic, and family traditions
1:06:17 Upcoming paranormal adventures and some internet magic

Susan Demeter St Clair:

Eduardo Viveiros De Castro on Perspectivism:

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Graphic design, editing: Jörg Vogeltanz and Rudolf Stark
Text by: Diony
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Outro: „Deserteurs Sublime“, lyrics: Jörg Vogeltanz, music: Christian Gschier
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