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News with Alexander Benesch

Billionaires buying off and alt.right

vor 9 Monaten

Conservatives are happy for all the help they can get against mind numbing leftist ideological crazyness. But certain kinds of help are so tainted that they create more harm then useful results.
Conservatives needed fresh ideas and faces who command respect and attract a broad spectrum of the population, but what they got was a badly aged showbiz and real estate mogul called Trump and the fad we call the “alt.right” or “new right”.
Nothing about it was really new or alternative. Hating muslims and obsessing over muslim extremism? We had that for almost the entire Bush administration. Hating the left and obsessing over communist subversion? We had that all cold war long. The idea of a pure white ethno-state and absolutist white rule? That sounds like old-school colonial style British psychopathy. The idea that the Russian regime will come to the rescue, be a global leader and role model? Sounds like what Western communists believed until the Soviet Union collapsed.
Classic conspiracy media like the book by Gary Allen at least offered some new insight in the past: Rich families can afford to buy off the entire political sphere and the media to keep the population riled up and busy tearing each other apart. And that basic principal is unfortunately very real but fortunately easy to understand.
While the alt.right obsesses over the mogul George Soros who is handing out money to leftists like candy, but does not make decisions, the alt.right gets very uncomfortable when people ask about the billionaire donors of the righwing sector such as the Mercer family, the Shillmans or the Rosenwalds.