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Dr. Katherine Horton Dr. Katherine Horton

All systems become psychopathic with time!

MI5 crimes: My report before theatre starts (2/4) (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007)

vor 2 Jahren

This video was recorded in Manchester at 23:00 on 26th October 2016. I filmed it just before the MI5 intimidation theatre unfolded. As you can probably tell, I am already at the end of my patience. This is what had gone before and what had taxed my patience:

On my journey to Manchester, I had been painfully shot in the back of my head two dozen times driving my hire car from London to Manchester, whereby the targetting software on the microwave gun that was mounted in the attacker's car had hit the same spot on my skull as was hit through the window when I was standing in my kitchen back in Switzerland the same morning!

Arriving at my hotel and going to bed, my head had been cooked so hard over night that I had woken up the next day with half my head feeling damaged, the skin on half my face as well as half my scalp feeling dumb and my right eye not feeling right and being somewhat blurry.

I had gone to the Manchester Employment Tribunal regardless in order to attend the case of a high-profile whistleblower. When I had returned from the hearing, I had gone to Ashton-under-Lyne police station where I had tried to report the assaults on me. I was only allowed to talk to the receptionist. After a 25min wait, I was told to return to my hotel because "a police officer is going to see you there". Naively, I had thought that he would come around to checkout the adjacent hotel room from which I had been attacked. So I complied.

After a 1.5 hour wait, I had called Ashton-under-Lyne police station at 22:30 and had asked if I should wait up for the officer or if he would come the next day. I was told that I can go to bed since "the officer is going to come the next morning".

Fortunately, I stayed up and continued writing up evidence of the assaults against me. Reliving the nonsense in that process, I had recorded this testimony in outrage at the insanity of the situation.

15min after recording this the MI5 intimidation unfolded, which just confirmed everything that I am saying in this video.