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Dr. Katherine Horton Dr. Katherine Horton

All systems become psychopathic with time!

After Hack & Hacked Again: International News - Part 2 of 2 (Stop 007)

vor 2 Monaten

Dr. Katherine Horton continues the broadcast after a hack attack too her previous broadcast offline. THIS BROADCAST WAS AGAIN KNOCKED OFFLINE AT THE VERY END WHEN DR. HORTON'S INTERNET CONNECTION WENT OFF FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT.


------ INTEL TECHNOLOGY ------

Invisible Secret Spy Nano Wireless Earphone Earpiece for $14

Nanotech Ear Implants Discovered by Victim

BBC demonstrating software with which one can fake footage (video inlay towards bottom of the page)

------ SWITZERLAND ------

Swiss TV report about court case of Andres Zaugg who set the altar of the St. Usula cathedral alight in Switzerland

------ GERMANY & UKRAINE ------

Angela Merkel FIRST shaking incident in Ukraine

Angela Merkel SECOND shaking incident in Germany

Angela Merkel THIRD shaking incident in Berlin

Ukrainian President showing "Devil's Horns" Satanic gesture

------ UNITED STATES ------

Kevin Shipp - Global Espionage Attack on Trump Worst in History

Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe & Paul Rosenberg - Experts Dissect Illegal Surveillance of President Trump

Catherine Austin Fitts - The Real Game of Missing Money – Introduction

Ortaine Devian - What are the Sources of Madness? What is the Agenda?

Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists by Amazing Polly

#SerialBrain2 - Winning: Trump now controls the chemtrails! (Pt.2)

People fearing space weapons target one California town

Petition - Targeted Individuals Lives Matter

------ UNITED KINGDOM ------

'Bulk hacking' by UK spy agencies is illegal, high court told

Liberty accuses MI5 and GCHQ of breaching human rights

Dope Inc.

------ RUSSIA ------

Trying to contact the Kremlin via the Corruption Reporting Form

Secrets of the Double-Headed Chicken

BREAKING: Putin Warns The West, His Words AGAIN Fall on Deaf Ears!

------ EGYPT ------

Egypt's ousted president Mohammed Morsi dies during trial

------ AUSTRALIA ------

Spying shock: Shades of Big Brother as cyber-security vision comes to light

Aussie Feds Raid News Corp Journalist's Home After Government Spying Exposé

Federal police raid home of News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst

'This is a chilling development': Thousands of files seized during an AFP raid on the ABC's Sydney headquarters as critics slam the move as an attack on press freedom

Australian Federal Police raid News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst's home over alleged national security leak

AFP officers who raided ABC looking for evidence reporter committed criminal offences, documents show