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Die Große Katharina - Volksfrau

Lasst uns gemeinsam gesunden, zum Ärgernis unserer Feinde!

Der Widerstand

vor 2 Tagen

Hello to all of you!
I wrote something down, I would like to read it.
"What is your willing to do for yourself, your family, your people and your homeland? We all agree that at the latest since 2015 is not right. Indignation, frustration and powerlessness have since spread. But only few people worry about concrete solutions.
Despite metapolitics, despite demonstrations, despite - or just because AFD percents, despite the so-called Enlightenment, everything ripples and the NWO agenda is undaunted. Resistance means when you're offended, when you might have to forgo or change your consumption, or move or stand by people when things get uncomfortable.
Videos and comments on the patriotic struggle will not help us. We are not moving from the spot. Or does anyone have the feeling that something has changed since 2015? Not me.
It's a soap bubble. There is no fight. And even millions of right-wing voters are far from organized and are far from being together when needed.
Are we prepared for the collapse of the euro and the economy, when education is already getting worse and worse, where tens of thousands of teachers are missing and the population density in connection with foreign infiltration continues to rise?
What's the plan? Who should judge this?
It should be clear to everyone that you should not be in such a state of shock under such conditions.
The only solution is: closed German settlements. Because even so far still reasonably pleasant small towns are already settled with strangers. It would finally have to buy as large as possible, yet cheap, rural areas, so that one has ground on which life again comparatively safe and high quality.
An ethnically or racially unified state should be established by a nation or ally. The old areas are lost for the time being and can hardly be cleaned up without disasters such as civil war. So there is only the closed retreat."

Well, I would be glad if you shared your thoughts on this video with me.

Thank you so much!