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Lisa Cairns: Everything is an Expression of the Emptiness

vor 4 Jahren

This talk with Lisa took place in July 2014 in Belgium. As for cooling several fans were running in the room, the sound quality is unfortunately affected (Jetzt-TV, Lisa Cairns Talk11).
Experiencer and experience; the game of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain; liberation is the falling away of the believe in separateness; pleasure and pain come and go; the nature of everything is free; “you” is an experience that comes and goes; not knowing how it works but ultimately there is no world different from what is happening; which-ever you see is yourself; spiritual interest as part of the wiring and conditioning; not knowing who is doing it all; the nature of grace; not good not bad; the one with the intention to change something is an absolute illusion; the game of “I am the one controlling”; enlightenment is the dropping of the one that is looking; different interests in different “me stories”; nowhere to go; the freedom in the pointlessness; the pointlessness is heaven; discomfort is playing itself out; appearances of characters coming and going; one endless movement – no thing; never having any clue what it is; the apparent movement of the energy – similar to a kaleidoscope; no separation from boundlessness; the nature of being-ness and “I”; no more belonging of thoughts about pleasure and suffering for anyone; the process of deconstructing the “I” is an imagination in the dream; the energy of being a “me” dissolves in all bodies eventually; there was never ever a you; the obsession of the mind; when the energy stops going into division; the person is always in story-land; all comes to nothing; why not? Alan Watts quotes on nothingness as the fundamental reality.