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Idealism Prevails Idealism Prevails

Make the World a better Place!

Syrian refugee & Sculptor Mehyar about his escape from Syria & his life in Austria now

vor 2 Jahren

"Idealism prevails" does not shy away from difficult & hot topics.

As we all know one of the most controversial issues nowadays is the issue of refugees and (im)migration and the role religion plays in all of this. Connected to these topics are the questions of how some Muslim refugees treat women and what can be done to help young male refugees better understand the importance of equal rights for men and women in Western European countries & adopt to secular values.

We believe that it is important to discuss these issues openly and honestly. With dignity, humanity and grace.

So when we heard about Meyhar - a young sculptor from Damascus, who decided to flee from Syria, when he got the news that he should join the Syrian armee - and his interest in telling us his story we decided to do this interview with him.

In this interview with Sascha he tells the story of how he came to Austria and what his life was like back in Syria before he came.
Meyhar shares his inner struggles and explains some very hard choices, like leaving his family, especially his sick father behind in Syria.

Meyhar tells us why he is a pragmatist and why he is grateful to be in Austria now and he does not shy away from controversial topics like the importance of learning German& why it is important to be actively interested to get to know Austrian culture and interact with society here.

We also asked him about one of the hottest topics, the way some Muslim men treat women and what role religion plays in all of this and even more important what can be done to solve these problems.

Of course the personal views of Meyhar are his views and "Idealism prevails" is presenting them to you only, we neither endorse nor condemn them, our role is to start a real dialogue with all people who are interested in a substantial and meaningful conversation on these already very difficult topics.

Therefore we will not tolerate any hate comments or other kind of aggressive postings here.

The way we as human beings talk to and write with each other is very important and we believe in the wisdom of our viewers and citizens in general who must inform themselves in order to make up their own minds.

So enjoy watching our Interview with Meyhar to find out what he can tell us about his escape from Syria and his current life in Austria.