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Civil War in Ufology: Corey Goode BOMBSHELL Interview - Rockefeller, Corporate & Intel infiltration

vor 4 Monaten

In our most con_troversial to date with Insider Corey Goode, we dive deep into how the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s have infiltrated the entire #UFO #Disclosure community and how some of the top people in the community have ties that go back to the #DeepState.

We also get into why technology is being suppressed, Qanon document dumps, the deep state tactics, and the Rockefeller civil wa_r!

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Twitter: @blueavians

Rob V's (The Awakening Storm) Response-Doxxing Accusations made by the Dark Alliance. Legal Testimony given to Corey G's Attorneys:

Part 1- Are Mars, Moon & Antarctica remnants of Atlantis? Corey Goode EXCLUSIVE:

Part 2 - Inner Earth Beings, Reptilians & The Timeline War: Corey Goode EXCLUSIVE:

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Researcher/Author:Maytha Alhassen, PhD Produced and Published by: Pop Culture Collaborative:


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